Sponsors and Exhibitors

The industry’s leading companies exhibit at the SLAS Europe Conference and Exhibition
Dunn Labortechnik GmbH

Throughout the whole of Europe, Dunn Labortechnik GmbH distributes since more than 35 years general laboratory equipment, consumables and immunoreagents. We are the principal distributor and service team for the liquid handling and imaging systems from Art Robbins Instruments in Europe.


Genedata Screener® analyzes, visualizes, and manages screening data from in-vitro screening assay technologies across the enterprise, including very complex as well as ultra-high throughput experiments. Its screening-oriented business logic enables rapid processing and comprehensive analysis of complete campaigns.


Grenova’s proven technology offers labs the option to safely reuse plastic pipette tips several times, cutting associated costs by up to 90%. Grenova TipNovus is a benchtop, high-throughput, automated device that will enable labs to wash and sterilize contaminated pipette tips in large quantities for re-use with no carryover. TipNovus’ unique, patented method of washing and sterilization is safe for both laboratory personnel and the environment and has been implemented in CAP and CLIA certified labs for over 3 years now.


Labcyte is revolutionizing liquid handling. Echo® liquid handling systems uses sound to precisely transfer liquids without contact, eliminating the use of pipettes. Labcyte instruments are used worldwide throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as by service laboratories and academic institutions. Our customers work across a wide spectrum of scientific research, including drug discovery, genomics, and personalized medicine. Visit www.labcyte.com


LifeArc is a medical research charity with a 25 year legacy of helping scientists and organisations turn their research into treatments and diagnostics for patients. So far, LifeArc’s work has helped to develop four drugs (Keytruda®, Actemra®, Tysabri® and Entyvio®) and a test for antimicrobial resistance.


LiCONiC, the world-leading manufacturer of automated incubators, is the first to succeed making automation of bio-banking attractive for a broad community. Complete automation of the sample flow combined with latest refrigeration technologies fulfils highest quality standards. In addition, LiCONiC’s bio-banking solutions feature outstanding economical advantages and help environmental protection by saving precious energy. LiCONiC has become the European standard for automated repository solutions. Products range from a hundred thousand to several million tube capacity. This at temperatures as low as -80°C. LiCONiC offers their most profound knowledgebase helping you implementing the best solutions for your storage application and helping you to take the right decisions for this long-term investment. Please visit our booth for a free consultation.

Molecular Devices

Enabling protein and cell biology research. We are one of the world’s leading providers of innovative analytical instruments and reagents for life science research, pharmaceutical and biotherapeutic development, enabling scientists to get deeper insights into their protein and cell biology.

Included within our extensive product portfolio are:
• High-content screening and cellular imaging systems
• Microplate readers and washers
• Reagents and assay kits for protein and cell biology
• Instruments for screening and selection of mammalian clones or microbial colonies
• Conventional patch-clamp electrophysiology

We can address just about any combination of throughput, content, and budget needs.

With over 130,000 placements in laboratories around the world, our instruments have enabled cutting-edge scientific research as described in over 25,000 peer-reviewed publications.

Discover how we can help you improve your productivity and effectiveness, accelerate your research and discover new therapeutics faster.



Available for a wide variety of configurations, Photometrics designs and manufactures Scientific CMOS, CCD and EMCCD cameras for quantitative bio-research. The original architect of the first scientific-grade EMCCD, Photometrics maintains its leadership role with the release of its award-winning Prime, the sCMOS camera with built-in computational intelligence for image restoration, and Prime 95B, the Scientific CMOS with 95% Quantum Efficiency.

TTP Labtech

TTP Labtech designs and manufactures robust, reliable and easy-to-use solutions for sample management, liquid handling and multiplexed detection in drug discovery. See the dragonfly® discovery in action at our booth!  Register to become one of the first users to try this innovative new liquid handler designed for assay development through to HTS!

TWD TradeWays, Inc.

TWD is the industry leader in permanent barcode technologies. With manufacturing facilities centrally located in the United States, TWD provides a wide variety of permanently barcoded glass and plastic sample vials, serving the pharmaceutical and life science research community, particularly in compound management and bio-banking.