Poster Presentation Guidelines


Presenting a poster at the 2018 SLAS Europe Conference and Exhibition is an effective way for participants to communicate their research to their colleagues and is often the “presentation method of choice” for many scientists.
To be considered for a poster presentation, you must first submit an abstract for consideration by the Program Committee. Space is limited so; submit your poster abstract today!

Important Deadlines

  • Poster Abstract Submission Due: 8 June 2018
  • Poster Abstract Decision Communicated: 2nd week of June 2018

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentations Sessions are scheduled for Wednesday 27 June and Thursday 28 June.
Posters may be displayed for the duration of exhibition hours on Wednesday and Thursday. Poster presenters will be assigned a poster presentation number and presentation date upon acceptance of their submitted abstract.
Presenters must be present for the duration of their scheduled poster presentation session to “present” their poster content. However, SLAS encourages poster presenters to display their posters for the duration of exhibit hall hours on all three exhibition dates.

Poster Set-Up:
Anytime after 8:00 (on Wednesday, 27 June)
NO LATER THAN NOON on Wednesday 27 June

Poster Presentations:
• Wednesday 27 June from 12:45 to 13:45
• Thursday 28 June from 13:15 to 14:15

Poster Tear-Down:
Any time after 12:00 (on Friday, 29 June)
*Note the Exhibition closes at 12:00 on Friday, 29 June

Attendance Requirements for Poster Presenters:
• All presenters must be registered as full-conference attendees in order to present at the 2018 SLAS Europe Conference and Exhibition. If the primary author is not available during the scheduled presentation time, a co-author may present the poster instead.
• It is REQUIRED that a presenter is stationed at the poster for the duration of the poster presentation session (on the assigned date of presentation).

Poster Board Guidelines:
• Poster Dimensions: poster size should be A0= 84.1 cm large x 118.9 cm high.
• Each board will be numbered on the upper left corner. Be sure you place your presentation on the board number for which you have been assigned. If you do not know your poster assignment number, please refer to the 2018 SLAS Europe Conference and Exhibition app.
• Posters not printed according to the specifications above will be removed and discarded.
• Tapes will be available to mount your poster. Handouts are encouraged as is a mechanism (envelope) for collecting contact information of participants wishing to receive more information on your poster. Envelopes will NOT be available.
NOTE: There will NOT be a table underneath the poster board.

Poster Board Design:
• Title Banner: The title of your poster should be printed at the top of the poster (Bold CAPITAL letters, Font: Arial, Size: 100). The banner should include the author(s) and affiliation(s).
• Font: The title of your poster should be printed at the top of the poster (Bold CAPITAL letters, Font: Arial, Size: 100). The banner should include the author(s) and affiliation(s).
• Bullets and Numbering: Be simple and direct in your poster presentation. Use short phrases and “bulleted” text throughout the poster. Avoid long narrative paragraphs.

Poster Board Layout:
Arrange the poster for logical flow top left to lower right. The panels may be numbered in the order they should be viewed or you may use chart pak coloured tape to guide the viewer.

Poster Board Content:
The poster should include the following elements:
• Overview: A succinct summary of the purpose, methods, and results. Use phrases rather than sentences in a simple outline format.
• Introduction: A concise statement of the objective and background of the work.
• Methods: Describe the apparatus, chemistry, samples, and materials used in detail.
• Results: Use graphs, spectra, charts, and pictures with a minimum of text to illustrate results.
• Conclusions: Concise statement of the findings indicating future research directions.
NOTE: Poster presentation may not be used as a sales or marketing opportunity. No hardware, books, accessories, or saleable items may be displayed at a poster.

Poster Numbers and Arrangement Onsite:
Poster presenters are encouraged to display their posters for the duration of the exhibition hours at the 2018 SLAS Europe Conference and Exhibition, but presenters are required to be available to present their poster content based on their scheduled presentation date and time. Presenters will be assigned to one of the following two poster presentation sessions:
• Poster Presentation Session # 1: Wednesday 27 June from 12:45 to 14:15.
• Poster Presentation Session # 2: Thursday 28 June from 13:30 to 14:30.